FBI Special Agent Fox William Mulder

John Fitzgerald Byers

I met Agent Mulder twelve years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. I was attending an electronics convention in my capacity as a Public Relations Officer for the Federal Communications Commission. Agent Mulder was, at the time, working for the FBI's Violent Crimes Unit, one of the agency's rising stars. By the end of that weekend, both of us had been suddenly and forcefully introduced to evidence of governmental conspiracy that changed both our lives, and introduced us to the men who became my colleagues and partners in the Lone Gunman Publishing Group. Our group is a government watchdog organization and research collective, with an associated publication, tracking the use and abuse of power in the American government, the international corporate sphere, and other areas where power and information is used against an unwitting American and global public.

Our initial exposure to evidence of information of governmental conspiracy and coverup involved the development of a powerful chemical called an Ergotamine-Hystamine gas. This aerosolized gas was designed to produce paranoia in its victims, and a covert test had been planned within the Baltimore-Washington corridor through the use of asthma inhalers to produce its first test group. During the course of this investigation, an innocent scientist was framed by government operatives for the deaths of four co-workers, and Agent Mulder had been attempting to apprehend her as his VCU assignment. Along with Agent Mulder, and unbeknownst to him, other governmental operatives were also pursuing this scientist as she attempted to reveal the conspiracy to test the chemical on an uninformed public. As the investigation came to a head, Agent Mulder was exposed to a very high dose of the E-H gas, and my colleagues and I threatened with death to ensure our silence. Within hours, the scientist had been kidnapped, and her case closed by the FBI for no apparent reason.

Since that investigation in 1989, our group has repeatedly rendered assistance in investigation and evidence analysis to Agent Mulder, and his partner of the past eight years, Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully, MD. During this entire time, Agents Mulder and Scully have been frequently threatened with death or injury, have spent a great deal of time hospitalized and recovering from injuries and deliberately induced medical problems, and have been the targets of a number of failed assassination attempts. My colleagues and I have also suffered similar threats and assassination attempts over the years. All of us have lost friends, associates and family members to those unidentified individuals who have continually attempted to silence us in our mutual search for the truth behind these covert projects.

These covert projects have involved things that I would never have believed possible, had I not seen the evidence with my own eyes. On the surface, pursuing such claims would seem entirely paranoid and insane, but as evidence has continued to accumulate, it has become impossible to ignore. Agent Mulder until recently headed his own division within the Bureau, referred to as the X Files. These investigations covered incidents ranging from alleged occult and supernatural activity, through extremely advanced covert genetics research projects, and into evidence for not only the existence of extraterrestrial life, but also these beings' involvement with certain factions within the United States government. This conspiracy did not stop at America's borders, however, and involved what at one point had apparently been an international consortium of powers that came together shortly after World War II to conceal these incidents in pursuit of their own agenda, which included the mass testing of mind-control chemicals and devices on innocent civilian populations, the production of viable alien-human hybrids, and methods of spreading massive, global epidemics of newly engineered diseases.

With such a powerful group of individuals and organizations at the root of the crimes and incidents that Agents Mulder and Scully were investigating, and the very nature of these crimes and incidents, it is unsurprising that the Agents, my colleagues, and I have been the targets of extreme attempts at intimidation, discrediting, and elimination. The people involved in these cover-ups include individuals and factions within the Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, NASA, the Pentagon, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the United States Military,  the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and a number of equally powerful organizations within the governments of other European, African and Asian nations.

Early evidence pursued by Agent Mulder involved tracing a UFO that was shot down over the Iranian No-Fly Zone during the Gulf War, that was allegedly transported to a military base in the Pacific Northwest. During this incident, a highly-placed informant from within this project, eventually identified by the code-name Purity, revealed the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and our government's contacts with these beings. This informant later paid for his transgression with his life.

Not long after this informant's death, Agent Scully was kidnapped, or perhaps abducted, and was missing for several months. Her return was as mysterious as her disappearance; she was left anonymously in a hospital emergency room, near death. Whether her abductors were extraterrestrials or government agents, or some group of collaborators from both camps, is still an open question. During this abduction, a small implant was surgically inserted at the base of Agent Scully's neck. This chip was later discovered to be of either alien origin, or of such advanced and sophisticated design that it is rivaled by no other technology known to any discoverable commercial or military source on this planet. When this chip was later discovered and removed, Agent Scully developed a swift-growing and normally fatal naso-pharyngea tumor in her brain. This cancer nearly resulted in her death, and was only driven into remission by the implantation of a second device of similar or identical construct, discovered in a massive storage room in the Pentagon basement.

Agent Mulder's further investigations turned up other deeply concealed caches of data and evidence as well. These included an immense warehouse of medical and genetic records on thousands of Americans, hidden in mineshafts at the Strughold Mining Company. These records included genetic information on every American who ever received smallpox or other vaccinations in their lifetimes. Why were these records collated, carefully filed, and concealed in a mineshaft? Agent Mulder also located a boxcar buried in the New Mexican desert, filled with the bodies of what appeared to be extraterrestrials. These beings had been murdered in a mass execution by the use of the same Zyklon B gas used on the European Jewish population by the Third Reich during World War II. Mulder also revealed a connection between Reich scientists and these experiments and executions through a program called Project Paper Clip, which brought Nazi scientists out of Germany and into the US and Allied scientific community, often under new names and identities, where they continued the medical experiments first begun in the death camps of Nazi Europe.

Numerous tests of chemicals and other mind-control devices were uncovered during Agent Mulder's tenure at the X Files division. Neurotoxic pesticides that generate a fear response in their victims triggered a wave of murders in one small town, while video-trapping devices were used in another to induce paranoia resulting in mass murders in another. My colleagues and I uncovered a new variant on the Ergotamine-Hystamine gas, called Anoetic-Hystamine, during a trip to Nevada in search of information on back ops projects in 1999, which had been developed as a tool for committing political assassinations and allowing the blame to be placed on a lone individual, uninvolved with any possible political agenda. One of my colleagues was injected with this chemical and induced to attempt an assassination while under the influence, and only the aid of a government scientist who was attempting to reveal the existence of this chemical prevented him from committing this murder. The chemical had been tested on a friend of ours during this same weekend, resulting in his death by apparent suicide. Timothy Landau, who had been a friend of the initial test subject, one Jimmy Belmont, and a contact of ours for many years, turned out to be an undercover CIA operative, operating illegally within the borders of the United States. My colleagues and I narrowly escaped execution at Landau's hands. He did, in fact, assassinate the scientist and her fiancée, but later confessed to these deaths.

Agent Mulder was, himself, exposed to a chemical introduced to his apartment building's water supply as he pursued the case regarding the mass execution of apparently extraterrestrial beings. This chemical caused one woman in an apartment down the hall from Agent Mulder's residence to murder her husband of many years. Agent Mulder's father was murdered during this case, as was one of my colleagues -- a man who procured a file regarding project MJ-12, another coverup of extraterrestrial activity. My partners and I were also pursued by assassins during this time, although to our great relief, we were able to avoid injury and death.

In a case involving further pursuit of evidence for extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs, Agent Scully's sister, Melissa, was murdered in an attempt on Agent Scully's life. Later attempts were also made on the life of FBI Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner, Agents Mulder and Scully's superior officer in the Bureau. AD Skinner was in fact hospitalized for gunshot wounds during this incident.

As Agent Scully's cancer developed, she sought treatment, but the doctor managing her case, a Dr. Scanlon, turned out to also be a part of this wide-reaching conspiracy. The cancer, and his alleged "treatment" of the condition, resulted in the deaths of an entire chapter of MUFON abductees from Allentown, Pennsylvania, over the course of a single year. All of these abductees had been implanted with a chip similar to Agent Scully's, and had removed said chip, as Agent Scully had done. This was apparently what triggered the fatal cancers. To the best of our knowledge, Agent Scully is the sole survivor of this cancer, and that survival was made possible only by the re-implantation of another chip in place of the first.

At one point, Agent Mulder had to go as far as faking his own death in order to recover information being held by DARPA, involving further evidence of human cloning and the attempted production of viable alien-human hybrids. By this time, Mulder had discovered that the group behind these operations were, in fact, in collaboration with the aliens to facilitate an invasion of our planet, and the enslavement or elimination of the human species. My colleagues and I have been reporting this information for many years in our publication, The Lone Gunman, and evidence for these allegations is contained within those pages. We have, ourselves, recovered evidence of the engineering of Africanized honey bees as carriers of a new strain of smallpox, intended as a test run for carrying some kind of chemical or disease to the world's population in furthering the conspirators' goals and alien colonization.

The many attempts on the lives of Agents Mulder and Scully, Assistant Director Skinner, my colleagues and myself, and the "collateral" damage done through the deaths of our friends, colleagues and families builds an extremely convincing case that Agent Mulder's disappearance during May of 2000 is yet another of these incidents. Recently, Agent Scully, Agent John Doggett, and Assistant Director Skinner say that they have found Agent Mulder's body. Because of the number of times that Agent Mulder's death has been faked, my colleagues and I are not entirely certain that the body is that of Agent Mulder, but if it is, his death is certainly the result of a deliberately orchestrated campaign of assassination attempts, misinformation, and coverup to keep the knowledge of the danger to each and every one of us from the eyes of the world's population.

Murder and Coverup: FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder
By Erynn, Poet-terrorist for a better society
writing as John F. Byers
Reporting from Takoma Park, Maryland