Things Undone

by Erynn

S, A

R for strong language, violence, and adult situations

Problems from the past haunt the Gunmen.

Mostly Unusual Suspects and Three of a Kind, but probably bits from the whole series.

Early 7th season, sometime before First Person Shooter.

John Fitzgerald Byers, Melvin Frohike, Ringo Langly, Susanne Modeski, and anyone else you might recognize all belong to Chris Carter, Morgan & Wong, 1013 and Fox. Other incidental characters are mine. The Gunmen just stopped by the bunker to play for a while. I'm doing this for love, not money-- silly me.

Yes for Gossamer, Ephemeral, the Spooky site, and the FLO and LGM list fic archives. All others please ask first, so I'll know where I am in the vast universe that is XF archive-dom.

Author's comments:
Can I help it if the Guys said "write this"? How could anybody say no to such a charming request? Fro can be very persuasive, particularly while holding a Stinger gerbil launcher on you.
My deepest thanks to Martha and Thes, Betas extraordinaire, and Sally the Gunmen Soccer Mom and Getaway Driver, who provided special inspiration. Without you guys, this story would not be nearly as interesting. Special thanks to Thes, for yapping with me for hours on end about life, the universe, and fic. You're inspiring, darling. The phone bills are worth it. No actual human beings were harmed in the production of this story. Their sanity, however, is another question. Don't mind the gerbils. They'll head back to the armory when they're tired.


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