Things Undone 2 - Mending the Tears

by SallyH

I have been charged with writing the sequelae to Erynn's positively delicious "Things Undone." Considering that she has far more talent than I do, this is a very tall order, but one does have to learn what happened to poor Langly after having the crap beaten out of him.
love, sally

Category: A little romance.

Disclaimers: You think I own these characters? I wish. They should too-theyd make a lot more money working for me. But they belong to the cheapskates at 1013 Productions, Fox Television and two dudes who go by Morgan and Wong.

Archive: Up to Erynn.

Thanks to: Thes, for being a better character in life than I could ever create in fiction. To the divine Martha, just because shes divine and should be worshipped as such. And most of all here to Erynn, for the creation of a simply magnificent piece of fic. I doubt I can come up to her level, but Ill try J

No humans were injured in the writing of this story. I did, however, almost step on my cat. Its not my fault she wants to sleep right next to the bed.


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